Omar "Chevalier" Stringer


Name: Omar
Nom De Plum: Chevalier

Derived Statistics:
Health: 10 (Courage + Physique)
Move: 3
Initiative (Athletics + Perception): 14
Equipment: Street Dancing clothes and accessories (Fingerless gloves, kneepads and braces, Merrell Trail Glove shoes) and a skateboard


Spades/Swords (physical):
Athletics: 8
Fencing: 4
Fisticuffs: 6
Marksmanship: 4
Physique: 6
Piloting: 4
Stealth: 4

Hearts/Cups (emotional):
Beauty: 4
Charm: 4
Courage: 4

Clubs/Wands/Rods (social):
Influence: 4
Social Graces: 4
Wit: 4

Diamonds/Coins/Pentacles (mental):
Alchemy: 2
Education: 4
Engineering: 4
Healing: 4
Perception: 4
Sorcery: 6

ARC: Gaze into The Past/The Most Excellent Prism Spray/Trick of the Light
SEA:Eyes of Raptor/Form of The Serpent
SUN: Palms of Flame/Soothe the Flame
SHADOW: Gloom Walker
WAVE: Reverse the Pull Of The Earth
Forbidden Art: MOON

Derived Statistics:


Omar Stringer was raised in Brooklyn in the Neighborhood of Red Hook. While the neighborhood itself in the 90’s was considered one of the worst in America, he lived in the “nice” part of the neighborhood. His parents, particularly his mother who (was originally from Senegal) and his father (who was from Haiti) were sort of the community elders and were very strict in trying to keep their son in check. His father who was an aspiring professional soccer player and all- around jock got his son into sports where he thought Omar had the ability to be a pro boxer, it was his mother that grounded him in artistic pursuits and education (as best she could with a kid in the public schools system most of his life except for those last couple of years in a charter school). Omar did well in school, but he kind of assumed he would only get so far with the schooling he received, but his interests in the arts like dancing (hip-hop to even a little classical dancing his mother made him learn), painting (mostly graffiti), theatre (was Cassius in his high school production of Julius Caesar) and other athletic pursuits like basketball, skateboarding and parkour (his cousins got him to that fad). His parents were concerned he would not get far without a college education but he did not have the extra-curricular credit for a free ride to a real university, so when Wolfstone called, they pretty much laid down the law and he had to go. When asked for a nom de plume he first thought of Cassius, but later remembering the story his mother told him about Chevalier Des St. George, decided Chevalier was more fitting.


One other small quirk of Omar, his parent got him to silver screen films including silent movies with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton and the like and even incorporated some of their shtick in his street acts, which he later realized is just being a mime, but he did not care.

Omar "Chevalier" Stringer

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