Welcome to the Wolfstone community! Over the next several months, your life will change dramatically, but I hope that you will embark on this adventure with excitement and anticipation. I know that you will have many questions as you prepare for your days at Wolfstone. Our New Student Orientation Program, facilitated the week before Winter Session begins, is designed to help you navigate your transition to Wolfstone—academically, personally, and socially.

A whole team of students, faculty, and staff are working to prepare for your arrival in the fall. Starting in the spring, you will begin to hear from them on how you can prepare for your future. Whether it is information on dining, or housing communities, this booklet will begin to shape your understanding of Wolfstone.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally.


Master of Bardfield
Chevalier Emeritus, Rank V (Hon.)

Code of Conduct

Your time at Wolfstone Academy will be enlightening, exciting and enervating if you follow these three simple rules:
(1) DO NO HARM: Intentional harm to staff or students will not be tolerated.
(2) DO NOT CHEAT: Unless of course, you wish to perish horrifically when put to the test in the real world.
(3) RESPECT OUR COMMUNITY: The faculty are here to prepare you for the future. Listen and obey lawful instructions. Your fellow students are here to learn. Do not interfere with their ambitions

About Wolfstone Academy

As a prestigious institution of higher learning, Wolfstone offers many courses of study. Unlike most universities and colleges, Wolfstone Academy does not have standard academic departments; it is comprised of five separate schools, each of which focuses on a particular area of knowledge, with its own unique approach and governing philosophy:

HEPATIZON (“The Black School”)

The first of the five schools was founded in 1584 as the Black School. It has produced the finest practitioners of the Discipline and preeminent scholars of the occult. Renamed in 1813, Hepatizon continues the tradition of the arcane arts.

BARDFIELD (“The Gold School”)

Bardfield is committed to cultivating the leaders and orators of tomorrow. Through intense focus and preparation, our graduates light the way for those who are privileged enough to follow.

SWANMAIDEN (“The White School”)

Dedicated to the art of invention, the wonder of the unknown, and the mystery of the unseen. The students of Swanmaiden seek to engage the world, not retreat from it.

THE SHRIKE (“The Red School”)

While the Shrike is the largest school at Wolfstone, it also has suffered the most loss. Its graduates grace the annals of our academy’s history as valiant soldiers, defenders of the weak and heroes for all time.

HARTSBANE (“The Green School”)

Hartsbane seeks to commune and bond with nature – both for its beauty and its cruelty. The sons and daughters of the Green School are loyal friends, but can be fearsome enemies.

Graduation Requirements

You will learn more about post-graduation opportunities in time. In order to complete the required course of study at Wolfstone and obtain a degree from one of our five schools, you must complete four years consisting of 40 total courses. Courses are offered by Summer (Apr-Sep) Session or Winter (Oct-Mar) Session.