Wolfstone Academy

Known faculty of Wolfstone Academy:

Magister ARIUS – Ornate, white robes, embroidered fractal designs in ice-blue
Magister CANDAQ – lives in the Infinite Prism, missing
Magister PHORBAS – – cropped dark hair, wears a dirty apprentice uniform, right side of face scarred, missing his left ear
Magister ORTHO – handsome, lanky man with trimmed beard, well-dressed, Regency-era finery
Mistress VENLA THRASA – publisher of the Aura, severe hairstyle, expensive clothes, younger than expected

Master DEMONAX – Shockingly violet uniform, gold crown on sleeve, jacket also has The Shrike symbol and a flower
Master ODOTHEUS – Master of Bardfield, father of the murdered Geiseric, wears antiquated uniform of the Riverguard
Master NYMANDER – from Ivory Coast, deep black skin, dressed in a sober bottle-green jacket, ivory waistcoat and dark pants, stares, oddly cut hair
Master PARADAN – overly dramatic, unique uniforms and stage costumes

Mistress AUXESIA – unknown, Zmije missed this class
Master KELMIS – benevolent thief and a merchant of secrets, plays with ancient coin
Master HARPOCRATES – slicked hair, anchor beard, toothy grin
Master SCAMANDER – older gentleman with one-eye and gravitas, wears 18th century finery, powdered wig

The Shrike
Master LAGARIMON – “The Grinning Devil”, short, wiry, deep scar on his left cheek
Master SADAGARES – baldness, sunken eyes, handlebar mustache and soul patch, does not wear a uniform
Master ATHANAGILD – burly hairy, round, Turk, man of few words
Master ALARIC – popular ex-soldier, amiable

Mistress VETERICA – mint green robes; elaborately wrapped strawberry blonde hair, freckles
Master RIKIAR – wears the uniform of the Thornhearts, Ukrainian with narrow eyes
Master ALAVIR – “The Blacktongue”, Korean, utilitarian leather outfit, well-worn boots, stained, scuffed
Lady BESSA – Hranai, impossibly beautiful, scantily-dressed, unearthly floral perfume

Wolfstone Academy

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