Torshor Directory

SW TORSHOR (“Wolfstone”)

A Calf Wharf
B Moon Wharf
C Red Wharf
D Glasschord Wharf
E New Wharf
F Castle Wharf
G Willow Wharf
H Constellation Dock
I Aristides Wharf
J Old Wharf
K Raven Wharf
L Vandal Wharf
M Explorer’s Wharf
N Seaguard Dock
O Grand Wharf
P Mission Wharf
Q Bone Wharf
R Orestes Dock
S Princess Wharf
T Festival Wharf
U Abbey Wharf
V Dead Dock
W Purity Wharf
X Sun Beach

I Neck Road
II Bay Road
III Widow’s Walk
IV Sea Road
V Chandler Road
VI Fish Street
VII Ship Street
VIII Victory Street
IX Heart Street
X Beach Road
XI Devil Street
XII Diamond Street
XIII Street of Legends
XIV Echo Street
XV Saint Street
XVI Witch Street
XVII Grave Street
XVIII Moon Street
XIX Rat Street
XX Titan Street
XXI Fall Street
XXII Émigré Street
XXIII Treasure Street
XXIV Hippolyta Street
XXV Priest Street
XXVI White Street
XXVII Shore Street
XXVIII Tower Road

1 Fortia’s Trading Company
2 Seaborn Reception [Hranai]
3 Eulabeia (a guild of merchants)
4 Lucky 1280 (naval supplies)
5 The Snake ([a] tavern); The Crown ([b] tavern)
6 The Admiral’s Arms (hotel)
7 Phoebe & Lydia (merchant queens)
8 Wolfstone Merchant Co.
9 The Butler’s Problem (tavern); Ink (seafood)
10 Prometheus Unbound (explorer’s guild)
11 Hurricane (merchants, privateers)
12 Element House (merchants)
13 Mystery of the Seven Towers (tavern)
14 The Crow (tavern/hotel)
15 Thalassa (merchants)
16 The Warehouses
17 Riverguard Barracks and Watchtower
18 The Pentacle (apothecary), Robin Hill (clothing), Monsoon (restaurant), Gargantua and Pantagruel (law offices), Wolfstone Post, Tanfana (physician), Break a Spell (restaurant), Hopwood (stationery)
19 The Rains Came Anyway (Hranai stylist), Weaverbird (tailor), Papillon (art gallery), Gyrfalcon (falconry)
20 The Dancing Maidens (restaurant), Wildcatters (stylist), The Infernal Mark (firearms/crystals), Arbor (restaurant), Dynasty Linens (laundry), Adventures in Vision (optical gadgets)
21 Railways (restaurant), Respax (wine), Forge of the Gods (fine swords), Lord Jahan (furniture)
22 Bridge Produce, Liberty Bakery, Swift River Dairy, Let Me Be Yours (chocolatier), Wolfstone Teahouse (coffee/tea), Clover Meats (butcher)
23 Desertbrook (coaches/horses), Fire House 2
24 Wolfstone Trust (bank), Lavender’s (cobbler), Ariadne (tapestries), The Confirmed Bachelor (shoes/boots)
25 Royal Bank of Torshor, King Jewelry, Wellwater Lighting, Heartstrings (flowers)
26 Hartsbane Commodities (importers), Treaty (rugs/carpets)
27 Grand Market (fresh food)
28 Mausoleum (funeral home), Lair of the Minotaur (bookseller)
29 Wolfstone Associates (real estate), Tomorrow and Yesterday (gifts), Whitestone (theater)
30 Greyhound Theater, Spotlight Theater, The Stone Giant (restaurant)
31 Undertow (restaurant), Trancaleon (law office), Flint Hill Brewery, Adrift (restaurant), Chernebog (exotic goods), Enhancement (clothing)
32 Seaguard Offices/Barracks
33 Seaguard HQ
34 While You Were Out (couriers), Only God Forgives (insurance), Star Properties (real estate), Rangekeeper Vet Hospital, (physician), Harvest Bank, Meteor Shower (restaurant), Clement (dentist), Sailor’s Delight (restaurant), Hawk Bay (clothing/tailoring)
35 Wolfstone Library, The Independent (club), Wolfstone Hall (government), Temple of Isbe (summer/fall)
36 Fire House 1, The Impossible Step (dance studio), Fate Concealed (alchemy supplies), Chosen (crystals/engineering supplies)
37 Signs of the Times (couriers), The Aura (newspaper), Possession (restaurant), Castle Engineering (automaton repair), Circle Stud Farms, The Dagger and The Coin (clothing), Antelope (catering/cooking school), Trinity Bank, First Love (flowers and gifts), Oleander (restaurant)
38 King’s (servant broker), Passion (stylist), The Rebel Dolphin (restaurant), The White Realm (antiques and artifacts), The Diagram (risque theater), Perilla (specialty foods), Abraxas (magical supplies), Petrel Produce, The Slow Match (custom firearms), Temple of Ensha (fall/winter)
39 The Gable (bakery), Torshor Academy (school)
40 The Blackened Sky (wine and spirits), Mirror Image (restaurant), The Sapphire Sword (mercenaries), The Translator Institute (scholars)
41 Sunbridge (engineers), Remembrance (jeweler)
42 The Siege of Torshor (antique dealer), Oath of Blood (martial arts), Flamenco (clothing), Kalpavriksha (lingerie/finery)
43 Temple of Epha (spring/summer)
44 Featherstone (ceramics), Duck Confections, Wolfstone Sport Hall (gymnasium), Iron Age (art gallery)
45 Riverguard Offices/Barracks
46 Riverguard HQ
47 Iago’s (military uniforms), Pillar (formal clothing)
48 Independence Monuments, Fairline Printers, River Ode (music shop), Solomon’s Key Furniture
49 Thornheart (mercenaries), Wolfstone Mercantile (warehouse)
50 Wolfstone Mercantile (stables and boat storage), Wolfstone Harbormaster
51 The Sundial Lodge (club)
52 The Marine Mill
53 English Meeting House (club) 

Torshor Directory

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