"Zmije" - Valislav Premyslid

Pleather-clad Eastern European bad boy


Health: 12
Move: 3
Initiative: 12

8: Courage
6: Engineering, Perception, Stealth, Athletics
2: Sorcery



Valislav doesn’t volunteer much about his background. There’s been some suggestion that he comes from Eastern European royalty. But his tight crew cut, pleather jacket, worn jeans and army boots suggest more skinhead — or at least teen rebel wanna-be — than high society. Valislav seems to have a head for machines and computers, but he is vocally unhappy about being part of Swanmaiden. Instead of the White School, he says that he should be part of The Shrike.

[not public: Valislav’s family is from western Ukraine, on the border with the Balkans, and his family lived a lower middle-class life in a series of concrete high-rises. They frequently moved for work in Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and Moldovia. From moving school to school regularly, Valislav figured out that bullies don’t pick on crazy. So he became craziest of them all… like hanging off skyscraper cranes and playing chicken with trains.]

"Zmije" - Valislav Premyslid

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