Timothy Takizawa (Random)

1/2 Japanese 1/2 Caucasion - light brown short hair - green eyes


Timothy (Takamishi) – now Takizawa – ½ Asian / ½ caucasion – 5’ 9” 165 pds – light brown hair and green/gray eyes – wiry build – Rogue / Magic User ?

Spades/Swords (Physical):

Athletics: 4 Fencing: 6 Fists: 4 Marksmanship: 6

Physique: 4 Piloting: 4 Stealth: 8

Hearts/Cups (Emotional):

Beauty: 6 Charm: 4 Courage: 4 Performance: 4

Diamonds/Coins/Pentacles (Mental):

Alchemy: 2 Education: 4 Engineering 4 Healing: 4

Perception: 4 Sorcery: 6

Clubs/Wands/Rods (Social):

Influence: 4 Social Graces: 4 Wit: 4

Swanmaiden School & Hepatizon School


Primary: Shadow (3)

Caul of Night – Damage Field 3/4/5 damage all who contact

Ethereal Form – You become incorporeal as a shadow

Wings of Dusk – Create shadow wings – fly at normal movement

Secondary: Sun/Moon (2)

Vision of Heats Light – See the heat of living things in the dark

Enslave the Mortal Mind – Control the actions of a target

Terciary: Wave/Arc (1)

Fold the spatial fabric – City-wide Teleport 1 target


Timothy (Takamishi) – now Takizawa

Timothy (Tim) grew up in Tokyo without a father. His mother Rita – was an American who loved Japan. She was a teacher of the English language there. Unlike anything she had ever done before in her life - Rita had a one night stand with a Japanese Yakuza – Soichiro Komura. The result was Timothy. When Tim was 3 – his mother got a much better job as a nanny for the wealthy Takamishi (Father Nomura – Mother Sumida) family caring for their two children (Miyoshi – male – Tamura – female). Rita did a wonderful job raising them with Tim as her own children — and the Takamishi family loved her. When Tim was 7 – there was a terrible accident and his mother was killed in a train wreck. The Takamishi family took Tim in and adopted him as their own.

Growing older – After the violent loss of his mother – Tim was a handful – curious and mischievous by nature – he often tested the Takamishi’s families patience. He loves to explore – as well as push himself to do different – risky – things.

Also as he got older — Tim took a passionate interest in older Japanese history – and Japanese historical artifacts. He was befriended by an older boy (Yakuza) Okino Honzo – who was also a historical artifacts buff – and – at first for fun and on dares – Later for money — Okino gradually brought Tim (who was a natural thief) into the world of high priced historical valuables theft. Almost accidentally – Tim grew into an accomplished thief.

Tim had just graduated high school – and was thinking of either going to University to study art and history – or — his friend Okino was trying hard to recruit Tim to the Yakuza – when a piece of artwork they had stolen and ended up selling to a lesser Yakuza family for more money – offended a higher ranking Yakuza family who had offered less – so they Killed Okino and are trying to find Tim.

Tim was thinking of running away somewhere – when he mysteriously gets the invitation to WolfStone academy – and decides to run there.

Timothy Takizawa (Random)

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