Simon Blakeney/"Peleus"

Male English human, haughty blueblood with potential


Gene D.‘s Player Character for Jason E.R.’s Wolfstone swashbuckling fantasy scenario, using Castle Falkenstein and Ars Magica, as of summer 2016


  • Athletics: 4
  • Fencing: 6
  • Fisticuffs: 4
  • Marksmanship: 4
  • Physique: 4
  • Piloting: 4
  • Stealth: 4

Hearts/Cups (emotional):

  • Beauty: 6
  • Charm: 4
  • Courage: 4
  • Performance: 4

Diamonds/Coins/Pentacles (mental):

  • Alchemy: 4
  • Education: 4
  • Engineering: 2
  • Healing: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Sorcery: 6

Clubs/Wands/Rods (social):

  • Influence: 6
  • Social Graces: 4
  • Wit: 8

Derived Statistics:

  • Health (Courage + Physique): 8
  • Move: 3
  • Initiative (Athletics + Perception): 8
  • Exchequer:
  • Equipment: Nice wardrobe, cocktail mixing kit
  • Art:
  • Spells (and “spheres/bridges”; opposite is Arc):
    • Primary (Moon): Art of Rightful Authority, Blade of White Death, Traitorous Tongue
    • Secondary (Shadow, Wave): Tamer of Shadowlings, Weaver of Time’s Armor
    • Tertiary (Sea, Sun): Immaculate Beast of Legend

Simon is the eldest child of wealthy parents, Alyosius and Emma Blakeney. They trace their lineage back centuries, and while they no longer have any land holdings, they have been successful in London’s financial district.

Simon has a younger sister, Sandine or Sandy, who is already a party girl in secondary/high school.

The family focuses on material success above all else, but it tolerates the occasional artist, politician, or mystic. However, Simon’s wastrel ways annoyed his parents (no doubt his goal). He can be quite arrogant and critical of those around him, attracting like-minded toffs in prep school.

However, Simon was actually lonely, and his disaffection disguised his discomfort with the purely material world. He wonders if he’ll ever be able to make his mark, do something of value, and feel the thrill of discovery. The invitation to Wolfstone Academy came as a surprise to Simon and a relief to his parents, but it remains to be seen how he’ll do….

Planning on registering for the following classes for the first semester:

  • Hepatizon 1.100: Elementary Principles of the Discipline
  • Bardfield 2.200: Rhetorical Techniques
  • Swanmaiden 3.300: Vehicle Operations
  • The Shrike 4.100: The Art of Swordsmanship
  • Hartsbane 5.400: Fashion, Cosmetics, and Mannerisms

Player Characters for Jason E.R.’s Boston-area Wolfstone swashbuckling fantasy scenario (using Castle Falkenstein and Ars Magica), as of summer 2016:

  • Simon Blakeney/Peleus [Gene D.]: male English human, haughty blueblood with potential, age 19; assigned to Ketsali House, Floor 3, Suite 2
  • Omar Stringer/Cassius [Beruk A.]: male African-American human, urban dancer from Queens, N.Y.; Suite 4 (same as murdered student Gaiseric)
  • “Asim Merekti/Gilgamesh” [Byron V.O.]: male Maori human, Matakite shaman from New Zealand; Suite 2
  • “Vanislav Premyslid/Zmije” [Brian W.]: male Eastern European human, street urchin from an aristocratic family with mechanical talent; Suite 4
  • Timothy Takizawa/Random [Bruce K.]: male Japanese-American human, orphan with Yakuza lineage and an interest in history; Suite 2
  • “Edgar Wellington/Narcissus” [Rich C.G.]: male American human, “black sheep” scion of a tech mogul from Boston; Suite 2
  • Rachel Abrams/Hypatia [Brian S.]: female American human, disillusioned outsider and activist from San Francisco, specializing in wave magic; Suite 1
  • Bobby Lee/Arcturus [Drew S.]: male Canadian human, burly and straightforward student of alchemy and vehicle operations; Suite 4

Simon Blakeney/"Peleus"

Wolfstone edemaitre