"Hypatia" / Rachel Abrams

Opinionated student with a talent for wave sorcery


Health: 10
Move: 3
Initiative: 12

8: Sorcery
6: Athletics, Courage, Education, Perception
2: Performance

Wave: Suspend Inertia, Pull the Invisible Strings, Reverse the Pull of the Earth, Phase Through Matter, Fold the Spatial Fabric
Sea: Soothe the Pains of Beast and Bird
Moon: Enslave the Mortal Mind, Know the Longing, Peer into the Mortal Mind
Arc: Trick of the Light, Gaze into the Past, Refraction of the Dioptrical Plane


Rachel grew up in San Francisco, where she was immersed in the city’s activist culture. She was a strong-willed and dedicated student, but recently suffered some setbacks. Despite her passion and preparedness, she lost the race for class president to a popular jock running a joke campaign. She had looked forward to going to college, but she was rejected by the competitive schools she applied to. On top of all that, her high school boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. Rachel is rapidly becoming disillusioned, but a mysterious letter from a school she never heard of may be the solution to her problems.

"Hypatia" / Rachel Abrams

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